Three BIG reasons to have an InHouse Photo Booth!

InHouse benefits your clients

Having an InHouse photo booth means lower prices, higher quality, and less stress for your clients.

Because our transportation and set up time costs are reduced and our volume of events is increased, we can pass those saving along to your clients! You won’t find a better product for the price we can offer anywhere! Because our booths won’t be being transported around our equipment will be in better condition and we can use higher quality equipment without the fear of it being damaged in shipping. You’ll also be giving your clients one less thing to worry about when planing their event. They can confidently rent your booth with ease and move on to other aspects of the planning.

InHouse benefits you

Having an InHouse photo booth means you have less to worry about and you will have happier clients.

No longer will you have to wonder what the photo booth set up will look like, what kind of equipment they will need you to provide, location restrictions, damage to your property, or knowing the vendor running the booth. You will gain access to a huge email database and have your venue logo added to all of the prints!

InHouse benefits us

When we have an InHouse photo booth in a venue it allows us to focus on the primary mission.

When we are in a venue we can customize our service to match the venue and their clients. We can build out the booth, backdrops, and props to resemble the venue. This helps enhance the venue and not be an eyesore. We can dial in our booth settings to get the absolute best results in each unique space.


Send us an email or give us a call and let us know you would like to have an InHouse Photo Booth! We help you decide exactly which unit is best for your venue.

If you will be storing the booth onsite, we will deliver your booth and introduce you to our booth operator! Our booths are very portable and require minimal storage space.

Offer your booth to your guests on an event by event base explaining to clients the benefits in pricing and quality they receive, choose to use your booth as the sole booth allowed onsite on request, or offer your booth as part of your venue booking process!

Set your own prices! InHouse charges a minimum rate for each use and anything in addition to that price will belong to the venue.

We’ll take it from here. Client meetings, Set up, Break down, Operation, Maintenance, Online Hosting, and Final image delivery!